We welcome you to explore the rich oral cultural traditions that MITS artists bring to Ontario young people and families!
Discover how our repertoire of world music, dance, storytelling, spoken word and puppetry connect us all to cross-cultural understanding, thereby building more caring and joyous communities.

Welcome to 2014/15 school year!

Our highly professional and dedicated performing artists look forward to transforming your classrooms and communities into more joyful, beautiful and caring places to be by experiencing the collective joy that comes from participating in singing, dancing, sharing stories and making art together.


Hold Up The Sky Blog

2014/15 Celebrating 5-year interdisciplinary residency at Rose Avenue Public School with Inner City Angels and Mariposa In The Schools sponsored by Manulife Financial. Thanks to Catherine Nguyen-Pham from Centennial College for her design and direction of this piece.


Lois Lillienstein    

Lois L.

We at MITS are deeply saddened at learning of the passing of Lois Lillienstein and send our sincerest condolences to her family, Sharon and Bram, and friends, and all who were touched and inspired by her love of music and song. Lois was a tremendous educator and talent who was instrumental in the founding of MITS and influenced the careers of a great number of artists who enjoy performing for and with children. We will miss her greatly but her spirit will live forever in the songs we sing together.



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